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2017 Eddie Brooks-Patuxent Valley League Standings
Eddie Brooks  
Maryland Monarchs 12-2
Maryland RedHawks 10-2
Black Barons 3-1
Crab University (17U) 1-5
Patuxent Valley  
HCYP Raiders 4-3
Crab University (17U) 0-5
Rawlings A's (King) 0-6
Rawlings A's (Peddicord) 10-6



In the winter of 1945 a group of sportsmen interested in the promotion of baseball for the amatuer ball players in the state of Maryland held a series of meetings in Frederick, Hagerstown, and Baltimore. As a result of these meetings, it was agreed that an organization should be formed to give creditto all the state of Maryland baseballclubs who were outstanding in season play and bring them together for a fall play-off in order to determine a Maryland State Champion. Therefore, the Maryland State Baseball Association (MSBA) was formed. The elected officers at the time were : Edward w. Brooks, President; Charles "Pat" Duffy, Vice-President; A.F. Angleberger, Secretary; and E. Ellis Dieber, Treasurer.

Ed Brooks remained president of the organization he helped form until his death in 1968. At that time Charles M. Blackburn, Jr. became president and he remains so today. Through the years the Invitational Tournament was extended to include bordering states. In 1979 the association became incorporated in the State of Maryland.

The first MSBA Invitational Tournament came into being in the fall of 1946 with a trophy and the state flag being presented to the Frederick Hustlers. The flag, known as the Governor's Flag, was donated by the Governor of Maryland. This tournament later came to be known as the Maryland State-Eastern Seaboard Baseball Tournament. It is the aim and object of the MSBA to conduct Championship Tournaments annually, and to sponsor as many regional tournaments as each specific situation may require. Principles orignally propounded by Edward W. Brooks fastly maintained by succeeding MSBA Leaders emphasize sports for sports' sake. The MSBA holds that true sportsmanship is the greatest lesson to be learned from athletic competition, and that amatuer baseball is the best classroom for such lessons.

Honesty in administration has marked MSBA operatiuons from the beginning. Its officers are particularly charged with diligent enforcement of all playing rules. Strict adherence to all rules and eligibility and tournament play was always demanded by the organization's officers and succeeding officers have never deviated from those priciples. MSBA tournament competition is open to all properly organized leagues or associations which desire to affiliate with the MSBA for the purpose of competiting for the MSBA championships or national competitions. The MSBA does not dictate local policies or interfere in any way with baseball operations of its members. The only requirement is that local eligibility codes must not conflict with the Constitution and Rules of the MSBA. Memories of the late Edward W. Brooks and our other deceased leaders will inspire those who survive to renewed efforts to advance the cause the departed ones so ably espoused.


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